Wool paintings by Natasha Gurina


Natasha Gurina-In the garden of my soul
Sometimes all you need for drawing – it is wool and felting needle. Natasha Gurina works in different techniques – wet felting, felting and embroidery.
Natasha Gurina-Kiss
Natasha Gurina-Snow in the city
Felting is an age-old craft. Natasha creates an image using wool, silk and lots natural fibers. They come in many colors and rich hues.
Natasha Gurina-Stars night
Natasha Gurina-Irises

Usually Natasha creates clutches, wallets, bags, cozy items for the interior and decorations.
Natasha Gurina-Cheshire cat
Natasha Gurina-Frida


  1. Is it possible to buy this bag? Where? Thanks!


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