Valentina Toma' - Series Cities Spanish flight school for Octopus

Personal style by Valentina Toma’


Valentina Toma’ is a realist painter but there is a lot of shades of surrealism and pop surrealism in many of her painting. She plays with colour and her work have a lot of meaning inside.
Valentina Toma' - Tea Milk Trip
Valentina Toma' - Series Vanitas Blue butterflies
Valentina Toma' - Series little fish portrait We lost the route for the south
Valentina Toma' - Series in the forest It was a surprise to see a great white reindeer
Valentina Toma' - Series In The Forest Was a dark and foggy night
Valentina Toma' - Series tender souls Dixie the seven swords
Valentina Toma' - Vanitas My broken heart

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