Online courses by history of art


BaguettesWe continue to learn and develop. I offer to you 5 online courses by the history of art. Choose the best for you!

Modern Art from Universarium

Free course in Russian about the history of contemporary Russian art.


History of Art for artists, animators and gamers from CalArts

Explore art history from the artist’s perspective. Learn how contemporary artists, animators and gamers work from the art of the past as part of their creative process, while building your own skills in visual analysis and creative and critical thinking.


Sotheby’s courses

Intensive 6-week online courses offer a deep understanding of pivotal art history movements and of the key concepts and challenges of the art market.


Archives, Memory, and Conservation from TATE

So what exactly is an archive? Take a look at how an archive can become a creative laboratory, not only tracing and documenting an artist’s work, but also inspiring others in the process. How can old archives inspire us to make art in new ways?


Medicine and the Arts by University of Cape Town

This free online course will explore the intersection of medicine, medical anthropology and the creative arts. Through each of its six weeks, we’ll visit a new aspect of human life and consider it from the perspectives of people working in health sciences, social sciences and the arts. The course will introduce you to the emerging field of medical humanities and the concept of whole person care, via these six themes: The Heart of the Matter: A Matter of the Heart, Children’s Voices and Healing, Mind, Art and Play, Reproduction and Innovation, Tracing Origins, Death and the Corpse.

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