Oliveri Sylvie - Les trois belles au bois dormant

Interesting artworks by Oliveri Sylvie


Oliveri Sylvie is a self-taught painter. She erases sadness, catches moments of tenderness and happiness and paints them. Oliveri likes to play with the pictorial substance, transparency. Every her artwork, beyond the visible lines, has its mysteries, it’s for the attentive and sensitive spectator to look for, and to find them.
Oliveri Sylvie - A travers les toits
Oliveri Sylvie - La passionnée
Oliveri Sylvie - Pensées dans le boudoir
Oliveri Sylvie - A travers les murs
Oliveri Sylvie - Le défilé
Oliveri Sylvie - Mère et fille
Oliveri Sylvie - Recherche d'inspiration

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