Peter Brighouse - MadCatWoman and Three Cats Do the Pied Piper

Funny illustrations by Peter Brighouse


Peter Brighouse is a proud English bus pass holder, extremely fond of family, pet cats, gardening, walking, photography and writing and illustrating books for children which combine these pleasurable pursuits whilst focussing on the activities, fun and games that the cats enjoy interacting with their human family.
Peter Brighouse - Oscat Petersen Jazz Band
Peter Brighouse - The Owl and Four Pussycats
Peter Brighouse - MadCatWoman and her Pole Cats
Peter Brighouse - Mungo and Tabbo arrange a pianist for their Cat Jazz Band
Peter Brighouse - Feeding Time for Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Peter Brighouse - Rasher Goes To Yoga
Peter Brighouse - Book Cover Cats At The Cottage - colourway 1

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