Sally Browne - Pink Cockatoos & Indigo Peonies

Australian wildlife in the artworks by Sally Browne


Sally Browne draws and paints everyday, and drawing from nature provides she with an endless supply of ideas and inspiration. Sally says:”We have an abundance of unique exotic plant and bird life here in Australia and I feel blessed to live in such an inspirational place”.
Sally Browne - Black Cockatoo, Pale Headed Rosella and Coastal Banksia
Sally Browne - Indigo Spangled Drongo and Kangaroo Paw
Sally Browne - Yellow Budgies and Umbrella Plant
Sally Browne - Indigo Cockatoo and Coastal Banksia
Sally Browne - Urban Butcher Birds & Frangipani
Sally Browne - Magpie & Lennox Street Flame Tree
Sally Browne - Street Magpie and Palm

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