Surrealist painter and sculptor Katarina Pridavkova


Katarina Pridavkova#1

Slovakian surrealist painter and sculptor Katarina Pridavkova has created these amazing handmade miniatures. Her focus is on the quirky buildings, the graffiti that really exist. 

Katarina Pridavkova_Domceky

Katarina Pridavkova#4

Katarina starts her work by sketching her imagination on paper and then she gives it a cute miniature form that creates a sense of cozy, beautiful town with vintage homes.

Katarina Pridavkova#2

She using a combination of found materials, cardboard, paper, metal and ceramics for creating fantastical streetscapes. Her installation “Grow up” features 26 miniature houses inspired by Mallorca.


Would you like to take a walk on Katarína’s streets?

Katarina Pridavkova#3

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