Paris watercolors by Thierry Duval


Thierry Duval is a French watercolorist with an impressive talent for capturing city life. His watercolors are characterized by a strong light and precision in drawing. If you love Paris you’ll find these watercolors irresistible.
Thierry Duval - Hole of light in the street of Grands Degrés
Thierry Duval - A bench under the sun of Paris after the rain
Thierry Duval - The Little bridge and the Quai des Orfèvres
Thierry Duval - Cycling in Copenhagen
Thierry Duval - Atmospheric perspective over the roofs of Paris
Thierry Duval - The barge and the Saint Michel Bridge
Thierry Duval - Backlight on the bridge of Arcole
Thierry Duval - Atmospheric perspective on the Grand Palais and the roofs of Paris
Thierry Duval - A glittering night on the Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter

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