Niklas Elgmo - Ocean Fountain in Boboli Gardens

Oil painting by Niklas Elgmo


Niklas Elgmo is a fine arts painter from Sweden who is currently based in lovely Florence in Italy. Niklas wants his paintings to give the viewer a strong visual impression even from a distance. Therefore he is always looking to capture interesting, contrasting shapes in his subject. That goes for both nature and the human figure.
Niklas Elgmo - Piazza Santo Spirito
Niklas Elgmo - Piazza Santissima Annunziata
Niklas Elgmo - Ferris wheel in Cascine park
Niklas Elgmo - Fisherman's Hut in Seby #2
Niklas Elgmo - Young Lady in Red
Niklas Elgmo - Portrait of Andrés
Niklas Elgmo - San Gimignano

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