Beth Lievesley - Southwold Lighthouse, seen from Adnams Brewery

Living architecture collages by Beth Lievesley


As a collage artist Beth Lievesley specialise in creating unique pictures of buildings and landscapes. Before she individually makes each picture in her home studio, Beth spends a period of time researching the subject to discover interesting information that is unique to the image. These can be old maps, dates, stamps, song sheets, historical text & other paper ephemera to make artwork that draws the viewer in and immerses them in both the history and beauty of the image.
Beth Lievesley - Brighton Palace Pier
Beth Lievesley - The Classical music court of Covent Garden
Beth Lievesley - The Pump Room, Bath
Beth Lievesley - The Kitchen Bridge and St John's College, Cambridge
Beth Lievesley - The Historic Hotel Cafe Royal
Beth Lievesley - British beach huts
Beth Lievesley - The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

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