Intricate collages by Louise O’Hara


Louise O’Hara Mixed Art

I like mixed art because it is always something new and interesting. Let me introduce you Louise O’Hara – mixed media artist from Cheshire (England).
Louise O’Hara-The stream ran through the brook

Louise explore the richness of light and the colour and the texture. On her paintings we can see northern landscapes with brooding skies and coastal scenes.
A Gust of Wind and the Ball Blew AwayThe lighthouse on yonder

Louise use a combination of hand painted and dyed layers to create intricate collages. Artist combine rich surfaces of fabrics, paper, machine and hand stitch to create complex and intricate mixed compositions.
Louise O’Hara ArtAn hour on the Allotment


  1. Are any of these fabulous pieces for sale?


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