History of art: the top 5 courses for self-study


History of artIf you want to understand the art, learn more about painting, understand how to relate the author, his artwork and the viewer, this selection of online courses by the history of art from antiquity to the present day just for you.

History of Art (Oxford University)

30 lectures

History of Art at the University of Oxford draws on a long and deep tradition of teaching and studying the subject. The core academic staff of the History of Art Department work on subjects from medieval European architecture to modern Chinese art. This offers students exciting possibilities to take courses and receive supervision on a very wide range of topics, and to develop their own interests in art history.

Introduction to Western Art History (Saylor Academy)

This course will take a total of 25 hours to complete.

In this course, we will study important movements and some influential artists in Western art history. We will begin with the “Proto-Renaissance” in Italy in the 13th century and continue through to the late 20th century.

Major Mind-Blowing Moments in the History of Western Art (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)

9 Sessions.

This course introduces students to twenty-four of the greatest monuments in the history of Western art, and the forces that shaped the larger history of Western culture.

Women in Art and Art History (TATE)

Despite being engaged with the art world in every way imaginable, many women artists have been invisible in the traditional narrative of art history. They have faced challenges due to gender biases, from finding difficulty in training to selling their work and gaining recognition. Follow the course of this contentious history, from the challenges facing women up through the 20th century, to the campaigns of the feminist art movement, to the continuing work of contemporary women artists.

Modern Art (MoMA)

In this class, you will discover the fascinating stories, key works, and iconic figures of modern art, from its origins in Post-Impressionism to the beginnings of the New York School. Moving chronologically through the Museum’s collection, you will explore an array of renowned and provocative objects—from paintings that challenged the official Academy and revolutionized the conventions of representation to works that are completely abstract—by such artists as Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Constantin Brancusi, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso, among others.

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