ANNE BAUDEQUIN - April 09, hot air balloon in the morning light

French landscapes by Anne Baudequin


Anne Baudequin is a landscape painter who lives and works in the Auvergne region in the heart of France. She paints “alla prima” from life and in natural light.
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - July 7, the river Loire
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - December 06, Saint Vincent, cows in the meadows
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - February 27, Saint Valéry sur Somme, low tide
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - November 1, les Roches de Mariol, mists at dusk
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - In the shade of the old walnut tree
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - June 23, Roches de Mariol, morning mists
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - October 27, Saint Vincent, late afternoon
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - October 21, mists on the Loire
ANNE BAUDEQUIN - October 10, Roches de Mariol, grey morning

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