Leah Guzman - Metamorphosis I

Feminine artworks by Leah Guzman


Leah Guzman is a contemporary oil painter and sculptor. Her abstract and figurative works are richly symbolic, spiritual and organic. She counts the Art Nouveau style and artists Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt among her influences. Her work, however, carries an energy that is uniquely hers.
Leah Guzman - In Bloom III
Leah Guzman - Painting Makes My Heart Sing
Leah Guzman - Siren III
Leah Guzman - Finding My Way Home
Leah Guzman - Love is the Most Powerful Energy
Leah Guzman - In Bloom IV
Leah Guzman - Blooming Lotus Series 02

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