Dennis Perrin - Desert Rose

Dennis Perrin – master of light and color


Dennis Perrin from USA can best be described as a painter of light as it illuminates and describes the subject. In order to fully “capture” the light and the energy of his subjects, Perrin always chooses to paint in front of the subject, not content to settle for photography or video as painting reference. Among his favorite subjects are the human figure, clothed and nude, flowers, still life, and the interior.
Dennis Perrin - Aimee in Brilliant Sun
Dennis Perrin - Aimee with Sunflowers
Dennis Perrin - Peony Extravagance
Dennis Perrin - Among the Wildflowers
Dennis Perrin - Peaches and Roses
Dennis Perrin - Chinese Vase
Dennis Perrin -After Dinner
Dennis Perrin - Stillness

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