Holly Wojahn - Marche', Menton

Cozy stories by Holly Wojahn


Moving to France over 20 years ago changed Holly’s life completely. Her artworks fully of bright colors and vitality. Holly loves creating images with imagination and joy. This style is her trademark.

Holly Wojahn - Daydreaming Fleuriste Private Commission for Debra D.
Holly Wojahn - Cheeriness and Chirps
Holly Wojahn - La Vie En Riviera Rose
Holly Wojahn - Private Commission For Debra D
Holly Wojahn - Redheaded Girl and Nearsighted Dog Spy Pie
Holly Wojahn - Un Belle Rue du Provence
Holly Wojahn - The Last Days of Summer
Holly Wojahn - Rosy Roofed Cottages and Quirky Quilts
Holly Wojahn - She Thought She Could Fly; So She Did
Holly Wojahn - Private Commission for Marcie ; after Bouquets du Saison


  1. Holly, Where can I find prints of your artwork that includes quilts? I love all your art but am especially drawn to those that include quilts.

    Thank you,
    Laura Rom


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