Contemporary art world by Imago

Turquoise by Imago
“Turquoise”. 120×120 cm.

In the modern world there are so many ways of artistic display of objects. In addition to classical painting, one of the quite popular is computer graphics. This is about the physical ability to draw using modern technology. Imago is a project that brings together contemporary artists specializing in computer graphics. All their works are created on the principle of classical drawing. Figures are worked out from scratch and in stages, starting from linear-constructive construction, ending with black-and-white and/or color modeling.

Brunette by Imago
“Brunette”. 100×80 cm.
Twain by Imago
“Twain”. 140×100 cm.
Fina by Imago
“Fina”. 90×60 cm.
In Black by Imago
“In Black”. 100×100 cm.
Just She by Imago
“Just She”. 130×90 cm.
Encore by Imago
“Encore”. 100×85 cm.
Morning by Imago
“Morning”. 80×120 cm.
Maria by Imago
“Maria”. 90×120 cm.
Delight by Imago
“Delight”. 80×120 cm.
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