Hilary Scoble - The Colours of Autumn

British countryside in the painting by Hilary Scoble


Hilary Scoble opened an art gallery with her husband Richard – Church Mouse Studio in Hythe, Kent. The gallery was developed to promote local artists and craftspeople. Hilary has worked in a wide variety of mediums during her career and has recently developed a new technique using acrylic and mixed media to create vibrant, highly detailed landscapes celebrating the beauty of the British countryside.
Hilary Scoble - Watersmeet, Devon
Hilary Scoble - Field Patterns on the Downs
Hilary Scoble - Cornish Tin Mines
Hilary Scoble - Autumn Hillside
Hilary Scoble - First Light
Hilary Scoble - Wild Flowers on Wye Downs
Hilary Scoble - Springtime in Devon
Hilary Scoble - Flying high above the coast
Hilary Scoble - Downland Farm
Hilary Scoble - Cornish Farmhouse

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