Padmaja Madhu - The little creek somewhere

Bright and bold colors in the landscapes Padmaja Madhu


Padmaja is from Bangalore, India and lives in Oman. Art has been a part of her life for years now. Along the road of her creative journey she has chosen to express herself through contemporary impressionistic, expressionist as well as abstract approaches to painting.
Padmaja Madhu - Arise, Awake!
Padmaja Madhu - The mood of the reds
Padmaja Madhu - A Desert Trail
Padmaja Madhu - Still
Padmaja Madhu - Basking in the sunlight
Padmaja Madhu - Colors of the Canyons
Padmaja Madhu - The three sentinels
Padmaja Madhu - A breeze through the Lavenders
Padmaja Madhu - Watching Over

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