Abstractions by William Oistad


William Oistad: “For me, creative energy is very much like the flow of water: always moving, changing speeds, gaining momentum and then turning in on oneself within an eddy before continuing along its path. This method of creating allows for the production of paintings that can be thought of like songs on an album, each different on their own but built from a common language uniquely mine”.
William Oistad - Obsessed To Compulsion
William Oistad - Totemic Section
William Oistad - Locked and Loaded
William Oistad - Always Talking Snoring
William Oistad - Subtle Wisps of Connection
William Oistad - I Really Must Stop Repeating Myself
William Oistad - Holding Onto The Thinnest Veil of Total Control
William Oistad - Plugged In and Going Nowhere
William Oistad - Decorate To Deny 2

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