Rorie Nairn - It's difficult to tell

Abstract landscapes by Rorie Nairn


Rorie Nairn known for his expressive brushwork and skillful handling of paint, his aim is to capture the drama and dynamism brought to the landscape by changes in weather. Inspired by Pastoral and Romantic poetry, he gains satisfaction in working from nature, being immersed in its timeless beauty.
Rorie Nairn - Between two worlds - Bexhill Beach, East Sussex
Rorie Nairn - The strata of color'd clouds 9 - Ross Back Sands, Northumberland Coast
Rorie Nairn - And every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy, of greater marvels yet to be - St Leonards Beach, East Sussex
Rorie Nairn - Amid the wafting winds - Bexhill Beach, East Sussex
Rorie Nairn - One moment's pleasure - Balmedie Beach, Aberdeen, Scotland
Rorie Nairn - These become part of that child who went forth every day 2
Rorie Nairn - These are the days that must happen to you - Woolacombe Beach, Devon

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